Every journey has a beginning. Many years ago, in the heart of Massachusetts, a small group of advocates dreamed of a society where the privileges of cannabis were available to everyone. They founded the Simplicity Dispensary.

A New Dawning Era

Attraction soon spread across Grafton, Northborough, and Sutton. This was not your typical recreational cannabis shop – Simplicity Dispensary was a vision realized, a testament to an age-old plant’s transformative power.

Connecting Communities

The journey quickly expanded to Shrewsbury, Westborough, and Worcester. Our pioneering marijuana delivery service was not just about convenience, but opening up access to those who needed it most.

Marijuana Dispensary Pioneers

Simplicity Dispensary continues to pave the way, setting the standard for marijuana shops with a mission grounded in the belief that everyone deserves the best, from the products we deliver to the love with which we serve our communities. Join us in the next chapter of our journey, as we continue to bring the benefits of cannabis to everyone through our cannabis delivery service.