The Cake House Battle Creek reflects a beacon of empowerment, serving as a leading marijuana store and cannabis dispensary in Brownlee Park, MI. Our founding story is rooted in the neighborhoods of Pennfield Charter Township, MI and Springfield, MI, where we strive to contribute to community development and rejuvenation.

We are proud to be a minority and women-led company, championing social equity and inclusivity in a burgeoning industry. Our team is committed to ensuring that everyone can access cannabis products with ease, trust, and a guided understanding.

At The Cake House Battle Creek, we honor the principles of community involvement, transparency, and exceptional customer service, holding a sturdy bridge between us, and those we serve. We carefully curate our products with the highest standards, aiming to deliver an unrivaled cannabis-buying experience.

As we thrive, we continue to nurture our roots, seeking opportunities to uplift our surroundings. We believe that our success is intertwined with the wellness and prosperity of the communities we serve. Therefore, we will remain devoted to fostering a positive and enriching environment for each customer who walks through our door.