A small city on Michigan’s grand Western shore, Grand Haven shines as a beacon of resilience and splendor. Amidst this city’s charm, New Standard establishes a dynamic and heartfelt presence as a prominent dispensary in Grand Haven, MI.

A New Hope in The Harbor City

The seeds sOWN by New Standard have sprouted into a monument of opportunity, community, and innovation. They’ve forged a new path, provided hope and painted a picture of progression in the sober ambiance of the Lake Michigan shore. But this journey of New Standard was more than a leap of faith. It was a meticulously planned and passionately pursued dream, nurtured with integrity and grit.

In the heart of this historic community, the mission of New Standard is more than just operating a dispensary. It is a dedication to cultivating a safe, welcoming space for connection and education about medical cannabis. It is a commitment to lead the industry by example, eradicating stigma, advocacy, and inspiring a new standard of care and transparency.

Their journey as the leading dispensary in Grand Haven, MI is only just beginning, but their impact resonates far beyond the city limits. The dream of New Standard continues to inspire and unfold in Grand Haven.