East Coast Cannabis in Lebanon, ME is thrilled to redefine your understanding of cannabis consumption. We are not just a dispensary; we are a hub of enlightenment preparing consumers for an enriching journey into the world of cannabis.

Education Beyond Purchase

We emphasize on education beyond purchase. Our knowledgeable staff takes pleasure in enlightening both first-time users and experienced cannabis enthusiasts about the nuances and benefits of different cannabis forms, strains, and consumption techniques. Choose us to be your trusted guide in your cannabis journey.

An Array of High-Quality Products

At East Coast Cannabis, product excellence is our priority. Our shelves are lined with a wide selection of curated high-quality cannabis products from trusted manufacturers. Whether you prefer the traditional cannabis flowers, oils, edibles, or tinctures, we got you covered.

Our dispensary is a beacon for anyone wanting to explore the various facets of cannabis. Visit us today at East Coast Cannabis in Lebanon, ME, and let us assist you in transforming your cannabis experience.